How To Read Ebooks On Your Blackberry


For the BlackBerry users among you, here is a quick guide on how to read eBooks on your device.

Let’s not waste any time and go through the eBook readers you can download for free and then use on your BlackBerry. All models are supported by each one of these applications.

1.MobiPocket Reader. This is probably the best way to go for dealing with Office files, PDF files and eBooks on your BlackBerry. Amazon really did a great job in providing the right interface, and the right features: text annotations, text copy feature (so you can email a small paragraph to your friends), adjustable margins and easy navigation. Try this software first before looking for alternatives.

2.eReader Pro is an eBook software that you can download from Barnes & Noble. This will allow you to read any eBook that is in the PDB file format. Copy the eBook on your BlackBerry and you are set to go. Other neat functions include a search tool, bookmarks capability and a “pick up where you left off” feature.

3.Short Covers. If you want to be able to read an eBook from any computer or BlackBerry you want without going through too much trouble, this might be what you are looking for. Any eBook that you bought from bought from Short Covers can be read from any computer or BlackBerry you want. The interface will remember where you left off even if your previous session was not on the same device.

The interface is good and easy to use, although some minor problems can pop out in the BlackBerry reader.

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