10 Ways to Make Your iPhone Battery Last Longer


If you are one of those people that are really bothered by how long their iPhone battery lasts, there are a few ways you can solve a little bit of this problem. Most of these tips will turn of some features of your iPhone, but you don’t have to follow them all if you really need a certain feature. Just follow the tips that don’t affect your daily usage and you should sense some improvement.

First of all go to Settings->General->Usage to find out how long does your battery last at the moment so you have something to compare with.

1. Don’t let your iPhone overheat. You should try to avoid leaving your iPhone in the sun or placing it anywhere the temperature is too high. Try to keep it in an under 35-degrees environment and that would be great.

2. Don’t use applications you don’t need. There is not much to say about this tip, but if you can avoid playing games or entering applications that use the GPS module.

3. Turn off 3G when not in range. If you are in a place with little or none 3G coverage, you can go to Settings->General->Network and set Enable 3G to off. Your phone will always look for 3G signal and draw extra energy in the process. If you are sure no 3G signal is there, turn it off.

4. Don’t let your applications fetch. If you set Contacts, Calendars and Mail do fetch data only Manually, you will notice a slight increase in the battery life of your phone.

5. Use the screen lock and set the auto-lock to go on after a minute or so. This will make sure no battery is used on the screen light.

6. If you have no use for the GPS, turn it off by going to Settings->General->Location Services. The GPS module is a really a battery drainer.

7. If you are nowhere near a wireless network, go to Settings and slide to turn off the Wi-Fi.

8. Always prefer to use the wireless network instead of the cellular signal if you are planning to browse a lot.

9. Turn the Bluetooth off when you don’t need it. It will drain unnecessary power from your iPhone.

10. Don’t use the speaker for listening to music. This is one of the biggest battery drainers of them all. Listen through the headphones and try to keep a decent level.

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