How to Upload Facebook Photos From Your Phone


You captured a bunch of photos using the camera of your mobile phone – now how do you upload these pictures directly to Facebook without having to transfer them to a desktop computer?

If you have captured something interesting on your mobile phone’s camera that you want to upload to your Facebook profile, you no longer have to transfer it first to your laptop. There are three ways a direct upload from your phone to Faceebook can be realized: by MMS, using Mobile Phone Apps or by Email.

Mobile Facebook Applications.

If you are using a Smartphone (iPhone, BlackBerry, Windows Mobile and such), use your internet browser to visit and download the Facebook app for your device. Most of these applications will integrate into your Smartphone’s camera by placing a button that allows you to upload photos to Facebook immediately after taking them.

If you cannot find an official application for your platform, you can try the one at It is available for a considerable number of mobile phones and will allow you to upload photos to other social sites besides Facebook.

Facebook MMS.

IF you don’t have a Smartphone, you can try sending the photos by SMS by composing a MMS message and adding the photo you want to the MMS message. Send it to [email protected] /* */ and you will receive a code (via SMS) so you can associate your phone’s number to the Facebook profile.

This option has some problems, one of them being the fact that on some carrier plans, uploading photos via MMS can be expensive.

Facebook Email

This seems to be the best way to send photos to your Facebook if you don’t have a Smartphone and are thus unable to use the first option. Here is how to use emails to upload photos:

Go to and note the upload email that Facebook assigned you. Any photo or video that you send to this address by email will get instantly posted on your Facebook page. The subject of your email will be considered as the photo caption and all the images will be saved in a photo album called “Mobile Uploads”.

Remember to save the email address in your address book so you can quickly use it anytime you want.

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