How to Control Your Mac Using Twitter Feeds


TweetMyPC, the free utility that allowed you to control a Windows PC from anywhere around the world has received a Mac port. Called TweetMyMac, this application allows you to use Twitter for controlling your computer from the Internet or by text messages from your mobile phone. Here is how you can do this.

Install the TweetMyPc application and associate it with the Twitter account (it is a good idea to create a secondary Twitter id for increased security). Now you can send tweets that control your Mac by using the commands we will talk about later. The application will automatically search for tweets on your account and will take action when a command is detected (the application has to be opened).

Here are some commands you can use with TweetMyMac to control your computer:

1. Shutdown – This command will shutdown your Mac (files will not be saved).
2. Sleep – Will put your Mac into Sleep Mode.
3. iSight – This interesting command will take a picture with the iSight web camera and will also automatically upload it to Twitpic so you can see what is going on around your computer.
4. Screenshot – Use this for creating a screenshot of your Mac’s screen. Very… hmm.. “useful” when other people are using your Mac.

The application is in beta, so it is not polished yet, but you should be able to use it without any major problems.

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