How to Display the Quick Launch Bar in Windows 7


Here is a quick guide on how to add the classical Quick Launch bar in Windows 7:

Step 1. Right Click on the taskbar and go to “Toolbars->New Toolbar”.

Step 2. Type in <>AppDataRoamingMicrosoftInternet ExplorerQuick Launch and then click “Select Folder”.

Step 3. The old Quick Launch bar is in the taskbar. Right Click again and then select “Unlock Taskbar”. Now you can drag the Quick Launch to the wanted position.

Step 4. Right Click on the Quick Launch bar and then uncheck “Show Text” and “Show Tile”. You can also choose between “Small Icons” or “Large Icons”.

Step 5. Right Click on the taskbar and select “Lock Taskbar” to prevent accidental resizing of items.

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