Top 10 Music Add-Ons for Mozilla Firefox


Firefox is currently being used by a lot of people, and with good reason: it is fast, it safe and it is displays pages correctly.You also get to install add-ons with Firefox that will enhance your browsing. And because most computer users listen to music while browsing, here is a list of the best Music add-ons that you can install on Firefox. The list is alphabetical since all these add-ons are great and they tend to various parts of improving the music listening experience. This extension can be used to search for album covers on The winner of a contest called “Extend Firefox 3”, is an add-on that will offer you complete access to the library from any page you surf to. If you are a user (and if not, you should consider being one), is the add-on for you.

FiTunes Sidebar Extension. Install this add-on to display a sidebar with the top 25 iTunes categories.

FoxyTunes. Tired of always switching back and forth to the media player and the browser ? FoxyTunes will allow you to control any media player directly from the browser.

Music Player Minion. If you are using the Music Player Daemon network, try this Firefox add-on client for MPD.

My Opus Radio. If you are a fan of the top online radio station that plays international songs, this extension will enable you to listen to it from the statusbar.

Online Music Player. Once installed in your Firefox status bar, this extension can play MP3 files from both the web or your local hard drive. Lyrics and playlists are also available.

Play Them All. This add-on will scan the link a certain web page and will create a M3U playlist with all the .mp3 files from that page.

Stop Autoplay. Use this extension to stop the autoplay of media on web pages. You can also choose not to download the media at all.

TwittyTunes. This add-on will allow you to post the song you are playing to your Twitter account when you click the button.

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