Keyboard Shortcuts for Windows Internet Explorer


Statistics say that 66 percents of the total number of people that connect to the internet use Internet Explorer (although we strongly state that that using Firefox, Opera or Chrome is a better and safer way to surf online). Using these shortcuts can ensure a quicker page browsing.

The following shortcuts will aid you in page browsing.

TAB = skipping through the items on a page
SHIFT + TAB = backward skipping through the items on a page
ALT + HOME = open the home page
ALT + RIGHT ARROW = next page
ALT + LEFT ARROW/BACKSPACE = previous page
CTRL + TAB = forward skipping through frames
SHIFT + CTRL + TAB = backward skipping through frames
HOME = skip to the begging of the page
END = move to the end of a page
CTRL + F = find
CTRL + N = open new window
CTRL + W = close the window
CTRL + I = open the favorites window
CTRL + H = open the history windows

The following shortcuts will aid you when using the address bar

ALT + D = select the Address bar text
CTRL + ENTER = add www. and .com to the text you entered. Type google, press CTRL + ENTER and you will be directed to

When browsing the favorites window, try using one of these shortcuts to lessen your operations.

CTRL + D = add your current page to the favorites
CTRL + B = open the “Organize Favorites” window

The editing shortcuts are the same as with 99% of all the text editing applications.

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