How to Find and Download a Torrent


Downloading torrents is a great way of getting new things on your computer. Since you can find almost anything on torrent search sites, downloading torrents is quite useful. It is not that difficult, as you can find out by following these steps:

Step 1. First of all, you need a torrent program. We recommend uTorrent, Azureus or BitTorrent, but there are more to choose from. Check our download section to get them for free, or download them from anywhere on the Internet, since they are free to use. Then install the program.

Step 2. Go to a torrent search site such as, or You can also search google for “what you want” torrent and see if you get any results you like.

Step 3. Download the torrents file. There should be a “Download This Torrent” button somewhere on the page. If your browser will ask you what to do with the file, choose to open the file with your torrent program.

Step 4. If the file will not be recognized, save the torrent file to your hard drive and then open it with the torrent download programmed you installed on step 1.

Step 5. You may be asked on what files to download from the torrent and the location of the download. Make these options and then click ok. Your torrent will be downloaded. Wait for the torrent to be downloaded and you are done.

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