How to Add Calendar Events on Your iPhone


Here is a quick guide on how to add calendar events on your iPhone. This is a very useful feature since marking the important events on the device you are most likely to have around you 90% of the time can really help you if you are a busy person or have the bad habits of forgetting to show up on exams or your next hot date. Follow these quick steps and you are problem free.

Step 1. Tap the calendar icon from the homescreen to enter the Day, List or Month view. Tap the “+” to enter the “Add event “screen.

Step 2. Tap the “Title & Location” area and then enter the Title and the Location for your event. It can be useful to keep these fields as simple as possible so you can quickly know what you have planned. Remember to hit the “Save” button since the iPhone will not remember this data if you don’t.

Step 3. Enter the additional fields that you want by tapping on them first. Then you should enter the “Start” and “End” fields to match your plans. You can also choose to plan an “All day event” to help you remember things like your girlfriend’s birthday, anniversaries and such.

Step 4. Choose the repeat options for events that you plan on doing every day, week or month. You can also customize this repeat option (for instance, every two weeks, only on Mondays and Sundays).

Step 5. Select how long before an event you want to be alerted. Remember to choose the time wisely since there is academic quarter of an hour, but there is a fool’s half of an hour.

Step 6. If you have multiple calendar, choose on which calendar should this even appear. This is useful if you don’t want to mix up your work events with you family events.

Step 7. If you want something extra, you can also add some Notes. Enter here what is essential for your event like the documents you need to bring, sports equipment for your gym exercises, a pen and some paper for your exams ( :) ).

Step 8. Hit the “Done” button and you are all set. Your event has been planned. Repeat this steps if you want to add some other stuff to your calendar. Like I said: it is both very useful and very simple once you get the hang of it.

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