Keyboard Shortcuts For Easy Browsing With Mozilla Firefox


Using keyboard shortcuts can make your life a lot easier. Here is a list of the keyboard shortcuts that you might want to know.
Here are the navigation shortcuts.

Backspace = Back
Shift- Backspace = Forward
Alt – Home = Home
F5 = Reload
Esc = Stop

The following shortcuts are applied to the page that is currently browsed

End = Bottom of the Page
Home = Top of the Page
F6 = Next Frame
Shift + F6 = Previous Frame
Ctrl + “+” = Zoom In
Ctrl + “-“= Zoom Out

Searching text in the page can be done with the following shortcuts

Ctrl + F = Find
F3 = Find next
Shift + F3 = Find Previous
Ctrl + K = Web Search

Managing the tabs can be done with these shortcuts

Ctrl + w = Close Tab
Ctrl + T = New Tab
Ctrl + Tab = Next Tab
Ctrl + Shift + Tab = Previous Tab
Ctrl + Shift + T = Undo Close Tab

These are just the shortcuts you are likely to use most. For a complete list, visit the official site for Mozilla Firefox.

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