How to Clear The Internet History on an iMac


Some sites just don’t need and some just don’t have to be in your internet history, for whatever reasons: you don’t want other people that are using the computer to find out what your are browsing for or maybe you just want to unclog the browser a little. Here is the quickest and safest way to clear your internet history on your iMac:

Step 1. Open the internet application by double clicking on the internet icon or by launching the application from the toolbar.

Step 2. Click on history (it’s on the toolbar).

Step 3. On the bottom of the list that will appear you should click the “clear all history” button. There are cases when this does not work the first time so you have to repeat this step.

There you go, now you have a clear internet history! Another (and perhaps better) way to eliminate all traces of your internet activity is by using a specialized internet privacy application, but these steps work well if you don’t want to download another application or if you just want to get rid of some nasty sites from your history.

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