How to remove Green AV ( Antivirus ) 2009 – Removal tips and tricks


Green AV 2009 or Green Antivirus 2009 is a fake anti-spyware software that instead to disinfect your computer, it infects it. This fake antivirus can be downloaded when searching for some common terms on Google, making use of Google Trends and other trend analytics.

The Green Antivirus 2009 creators state that they donate $2 from every sold software to protect the nature, though it’s only meant to convince people buy it. Green AV 2009 makes you think you are infected with other viruses in its attempt to convince you buy the software, though the scanning is fake and so are the alerts you see on the desktop.

So you should stay calm, because alerts of infection by Spyware.IEMonster and others are just fake.

Here is how to get rid of the Green AV 2009 ( after the image ):

Stop the process

Press the Start + R keys, then type “taskmgr” and press Enter. Find GreenAV2009.exe and gav.exe, select them and press “End Process”.

Delete the registry entry

Press Start + R, then type “regedit” and press Enter. Locate this registry entry “HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINESOFTWAREMicrosoftWindowsCurrentVersionUninstallGreen Antivirus 2009″ and delete it. Be careful not to delete other entries by mistake because it may cause your computer to stop working.

Delete the Green Antivirus 2009 files

Find and delete the following files: greenav2009.exe, install[1].exe, gav.exe.

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